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When will Gisburn & Rimington Get Faster Broadband?

Posted on August 8, 2014 by davidwaters4

If you live or work in Gisburn or Rimington area then probably, like me, you often get frustrated by the poor broadband connection speeds in our area.

The SuperfastLancashire programme is rolling out fibre optic broadband to the whole of Lancashire by the end of 2015. Except that is for Gisburn and Rimington. So why are we not included in the programme?

I have been asking this question for some weeks now and have had the usual replies that ‘97% of the County will be covered’ and they are ‘looking at other options for the hard to reach areas’.

I asked the question why is Gisburn considered hard to reach when Bolton-by-Bowland and Sawley are included in the programme? The latest answer I have received is reproduced here.

“Decisions about where the rollout goes are based, broadly, on three criteria: the geography of the area, the proximity of the existing network and the demand. The suitability of all locations then has to be set against the amount of money available. No other criteria are used when coming to these decisions. In the first round of the rollout did not reach Gisburn because other areas of the county met the combination of criteria more successfully .

However, now the Government has given Lancashire further finance in the Superfast Extension Programme the County Council are able to look again at the rollout and at the possibility of including Gisburn.

Your email from July 15th understandably asks for ways in which people in Gisburn can improve their case for inclusion in this next phase of the rollout. The geography of the area clearly remains unchanged but the first phase of the rollout brings the network closer to the village. The BT community action team has and will continue to give you guidance about other ways in which people in Gisburn can demonstrate the demand for fibre broadband.

The Superfast Lancashire partnership between BT and the County Council is working hard to allocate these new funds fairly so that as many people can benefit from these connecting technologies. They recognise the frustrations inherent in a quite lengthy process which must start first somewhere and then work out across the county. The partnership, I am sure, will continue to keep you as fully informed as possible and will let you know when and how your input can benefit your case. “

In its Core Strategy for development, Ribble Valley Borough Council has classed Gisburn as a ‘Tier 1 village’ in terms of sustainability. Fast broadband in rural areas is essential for businesses and for home use. We will not be ‘sustainable’ without an upgrade to our broadband connection.

As there is new money available it is essential that Gisburn and Rimington gets its fair share and is included in the upgrade.

The best way to ensure that happens is for everyone to take action and demonstrate there is a demand, and in fact a need, for this service in the area.

So what should you do?

1. Register your interest at www.superfastlancashire.com

2. Email your County Councillor Albert Atkinson. Albert.Atkinson@lancashire.gov.uk

3. Tweet the Superfast Lancashire team @superfastlancs

If people don’t express their interest or their concern then it just won’t happen.

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