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RRA 100 Club

October 2015

1st Prize   £50      Val Carter

2nd Prize  £20      Martin Lawson

3rdh Prize  £10     Norman Lund

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Rimington Cricket Club




Wednesday  18th, November

7 30pm

Memorial Institute




Agenda for the meeting of November 18th

01 11 15   Present

02 11 15   Apologies

03 11 15   Declarations of Interest if any.

04 11 15   Minutes of the last meeting- August 2015

05 11 15   Matters arising

 a. Speed Limit

 b. Solar  Panels

 c. Tree Survey

 d. Notice board  at Salem Chapel

0611 15   Response from the Auditors to the Annual Accounts Clerk

 a. Precept for 2015-2016

07 11 15  Reports

 a. Parish Council Liaison Committee Chairman

 b. Borough Councillor, Cllr Richard Sherras

 c. Rimington Recreation Association

 d. Rimington Memorial Institute

 e. Highways and Footpaths

 f. Clerk

08 11 15  Matters raised by Councillors

 a. Appointment of a lengthsman

 b. RVBC potential £3K Grant

 c. Concurrent Functions

 d. Defibrilator

09 11 15  Any other business

10 11 15  Date time and place of next meeting